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BehinD the Product: docu-series Creation for Product Launches & campaigns

Get a 3-part documentary series to advertise your business’ product launch or campaign using the power of video storytelling, ready to premiere to your social media audience in 90 days.

With your own docu-series you can


From start to finish, this process takes about 90 days. Throughout this process we will work closely together to form a story that is authentic to your business and builds positive brand awareness about your products.

Phase 1: Develop Your Story

We work together to outline what key points need to be covered when telling your story in the interviews and what key visuals will be shown in the action shots. We will create a project completion timeline and coordinate on location and time logistics for Phase 2 and 3.

Phase 2: Shoot Interviews

The people who will be featured are interviewed to tell key parts of the story of why you wanted to create this product, its benefits, and what the process is like creating it

Phase 3: Shoot Action Shots

Me and my team will capture the behind-the-scenes of launching or creating your product, to visually show the process, and serve as a visual aid to the story development

Phase 4: Edit & Package

My team and I professionally edit together the footage into a final 3-part docu-series. We will include music, video effects, and graphics that coincide with the emotion of the video to bring it to life.

Phase 5: Premiere

Showtime! You upload your final video products on to your social media channel, to share them with your audience

Meet Your Director & Producer: Sayidana

I am an expert at telling stories through video. I specialize in directing and producing documentaries and interview-style brand videos. With my “Behind the Product” service, I am able to help Black owned product business tell their stories through video, which helps them humanize their brand and build deeper, authentic connections with their audiences. I have made over 50 nonfiction videos from documentaries to promo videos, commercials, and web series. Through those experiences, I have honed the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to help business owners tell their stories using professional video strategy, equipment and software.

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