Brand work


Gym Grindz Fitness

Gym Grindz is a fitness brand based out of NYC with a series on YouTube where young gym goers of varying athletic abilities, known as Gym Grinders, try some of the most challenging work outs of a different trainer each episode to see if they can survive. I have done the directing, cinematography, and editing of each Gym Grindz episode. The goal with creating these videos was to translate the panting, sweat, and pure grind that went into this workout, on to the camera, so theres a lot of fast-paced edits and movement in the transitions. It is also intertwined with interviews from the trainers and the gym goers. The rap and hip hop songs in the background bring it all together to make you feel the high energy.

Episode 1: Concrete Jungle Grit with Coach Sean does a high intensity 8 minute work out

Episode 2: Boxing with Coach Rah to learn the technique and steps of how to box

Episode 3: Coach Stacks from Outlift Athletics does a competition between the male and female Gym Grinders

Episode 4: Concrete Jungle with Coach Sean again, but this time in a new location with more Gym Grinders and a more difficult workout known as The Hurricane

Episode 5: Intense work out on the Versaclimber at Climb N Vibe with the largest group of Gym Grinders

SBD Black History Month Black Entrepreneur Series 2020 & 2019

Every year since I started my business, I highlight other Black entrepreneurs for Black History Month with video features. I was the director, producer,  cinematographer, and editor for these features.