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Sayidana is a 25-year-old film director, producer, and consultant based in Yonkers, New York, who loves to tell meaningful stories grounded in truth that create empathy and spark positive change.

Most recently, Sayidana directed and executive produced a short documentary called “Ownership: Free Money” which premiered on YouTube in February of 2022. The film centered around access to grant funding for the next generation of Black owned businesses in New York.

While in her Junior year of college at Stony Brook University, she started her media business, SBD Digital Media, as a way to create commercials for student clubs on campus. Upon graduating with her Master’s, she pursued it full time, and honed in on the point where filmmaking and marketing meet. Currently, she helps businesses elevate their video marketing with their own short documentaries that focus on the storytelling aspect of their brand, with the goal of creating a stronger emotional connection with their audience.

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